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  •  [OFFICIAL] Translations & Interpretations Protocols/Services during School Closures

    Prepared by the Office of English Learners, April 6, 2020

    T&I Tips and Tricks: Working with Interpreters During School Closure/Covid 19 May 2020

    Prepared by the Office of English Learners, May 21, 2020

    What We Do

    The Translation & Interpretation Unit’s mission is to ensure families have meaningful access to all aspects, programs, opportunities and services pertaining to their children’s education by providing a multitude of language services via internal and external resources to safeguard communications.

    The Translation & Interpretation Unit manages language access for the District. A large portion of this work entails coordinating translation and interpretation services to facilitate communication with parents/guardians whose primary language is not English. Please read our BPS memorandum, “BPS Office of English Learners Translation & Interpretation Services Protocol”, for additional information. We currently translate in the 9 major languages of the District (other languages available upon request):

    Spanish | Chinese | Haitian Creole | Cape Verdean Creole | Vietnamese | Portuguese | French | Arabic | Somali

  • Requesting Services

    Boston Public School Employees: Please request translation and interpretation services through our Veoci Request portal. Each school and office has its assigned set of requesters: Principal/Headmaster, his/her designee (optional, must notify T&I Unit via email), the COSE and the COSE’s secretary. Note that any language access work performed outside of the District’s established T&I protocol will be at the requesting party’s expense.

    Parents/Guardians: If you need translation and interpretation services, contact the main office of your child/children(s) school. If your preferred language of communication is other than English, the District/School must provide you “Essential Information” in the language you specify. Page three of the BPS memorandum provides examples of “Essential Information” requiring translation & interpretation. In addition, please review the DOJ Fact Sheet that clarifies your language access rights.



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