Summer Reading Together 2021

  • Summer Reading Together 2021 is sponsored by the Boston Public Library (BPL), Boston Public Schools, and WGBH.

    These booklists were compiled by librarians from BPL, the Departments of English Language Arts and Library Services, and ELA teachers from BPS. They were prepared by the BPL Office of Youth Services and Office of English Language Arts and Literacy and Office of Library Services at BPS.

    Summer Reading Together engages students in their rising grades to share the experience of reading and talking about the same book over the summer and when school begins. Boston school communities are welcome to opt into this one book/one-grade summer reading program.

    To access books in an eBook format:

    1. Go to your Clever access and login
    2. Find the Sora App - It has a blue spaceship
    3. When Sora opens, click the Summer Reading Together 2021 banner and find your book.

    The goal of this initiative is to prevent summer reading loss, encourage pleasure reading, and foster a culture of readers. It is our focus to motivate, engage, and cultivate a culture of readers.

    We encourage you to choose a second text to read from the grade-appropriate reading lists below. You may be asked to engage in a discussion about that book as well.

Summer Reading Lists

  • Summer Reading List for Grades K-2

  • Summer Reading List for Grades 3-5

  • Summer Reading List for Grades 6-8

  • Summer Reading List for Grades 9-12

  • Download the PDF here

    English | Españolالعربية | Cabo-Verdiano | 中文 | Français | Kreyòl Ayisyen | Português | Soomaali | Tiếng Việt


    This summer, read your book for about 20 minutes per session.

    As you read, consider the following:


    • What do you think the author wants us to know? What is the author’s message?
    • How did the author create humor; suspense; sadness, and so on? (provide examples)
    • Is the language in the text inviting and engaging? (provide examples)
    • How does the writing in this text compare with other fiction texts you read this year?


    • What do you think the author wants us to know? What is the author’s message?
    • Did the author explain things clearly? (provide examples)
    • How does the author use language to explain experiences? (provide examples)
    • How does this text compare with other nonfiction texts (articles) you read this year?

    Remember to highlight, underline, or use “sticky notes.” Share with someone in your home what you found interesting or confusing, and discuss why. If possible, in September, bring your book to school. Be prepared to share your thoughts about the text you read this summer.

Boston Public Library Summer Reading

  • Digging Deeper Growing Stronger!

    Dig Deeper into books and grow stronger in your reading with Boston Public Library’s summer reading program for youth birth to seventeen years old.

    Starting June 14, download a bookmark or get one from any open branch: Find a Location | Boston Public Library (

    Complete your challenge to Dig Deeper and Grow Stronger in reading by reading nine books or attending nine programs or a combination of both.

    Let us know that you’ve completed the Digging Deeper and Growing Stronger challenges by 5:00 pm, Friday, August 13, to be entered in the library’s grand prize drawings.

    You can notify us of completion by: 

    • Dropping off your bookmark at any open branch. Library staff can help direct you to the drop-off box. 
    • Email a picture of  your completed bookmark to

    For more information, go to 

    Boston Public Library locations


    300 N. Harvard St



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