Join Us For Honest Conversations About Race


We invite parents and guardians of the Kenny Community to join supportive, race-based “affinity group” dialogues on Thursday, June 11th & 18th from 7:30-8:30pm.

What are affinity groups?

  • Affinity groups are assemblies of people who share a common element of identity, in this case, race.
  • Affinity groups afford people with some shared experience a place to collectively reflect on their realities.
  • Affinity groups allow all people to scaffold conversations accordingly based on these prior experiences. 

Why Affinity Groups?

  • Many people of color have experiences in speaking about their own racial identities, and how society identifies them as members of a racialized group. 
  • White people do not have this shared experience, and often come to interracial dialogues without having had these conversations. 

What can we do in our affinity groups?

In our affinity groups, we can:

  • Be honest; Ask possibly ‘ignorant’ questions; Share and process personal experiences and emotions around race; Strengthen our whole community; Consider our responsibility in - and ways we can - respond to racism in our environment; Gain knowledge to become better participants in interracial conversations about race; Critically reflect on ourselves and our actions; Share resources and opportunities; Consider information or messages to share with the larger community.