Posted by Murphy 6th Grader on 6/19/2020

I'm seeing a lot of Black Lives Matter movements on social media. It's makes me happy that everyone is starting to become more aware of the oppression that black people face on a daily basis, including myself. I'm glad that I am able to educate myself on what's happening. One thing I don't like is how obsessed people are with the rioting and looting. Although it is true that the rioting and violence isn't the best way to go, it isn't the biggest problem. Some people are worried about the downfall of businesses, but fail to show the same amount of concern with the oppression of African Americans and police brutality. Overall, I love how the protests are opening doors to bring justice to the black community.


This week has been pretty sad in my opinion because this will be some of our last classes with these teachers and our classmates that some of us have been with for 8 or more years. It would be nice if we were able to see each other in person again.


Recently I have been really focusing one the protests that are happening. I got a book called ¨The Hate U Give¨, which really relates to what is happening. I am reading a lot more recently to calm my nerves. The book discusses the Main Characters decision on whether she stand up for what happened, and but her and her family in danger. Or she could stay quite and let the discrimination continue. It depicts what is happening right now well. Peoples lives can be in danger because of the protests but they are standing up for themselves and the black community. The week was stressful for me with school closing and all the grades closing. Besides all that overall I myself am not doing that well mentally with everything but I think once the school year is over I would get better.