Posted by Murphy 6th Grader on 6/18/2020

Honestly, there isn't much to share anymore since the viruses started to slow down.All i have to say is that I am glad the virus is growing to its lower peaks because we would be living in a living nightmare. People still have to watch out and clean their hands or else the virus will start all over again. And I wish that people would be really careful of what to do. For example, we still have to remember that we should only go out for necessitates.


This week was pretty bad. It was pretty stressful with the BLS test and all and I'm pretty sure I didn't do that well on the test. I hope it won't affect my grade much. Other that that, this week's been very average. Next week is the final week of school, and I'll miss the Murphy when I go to BLS. BLS will most likely be fairly difficult, so I'll try to to try as hard as I ever have and to get better at academic even more. But, if BLS is not open for fall and has to do online classes, it might cause some trouble because I haven't been receiving a lot of emails from BLS. I hope it'll be fine. But, 2020 will be a year to be remembered because of all the disasters happening. But, things will get better, and I hope soon. Have a great week/summer!


This week has been kinda stressful. I have been busy, but I still get to have fun. This week has been affecting me personally because even though I got most of my work done and my family gets to hang out with each other, I still miss my friends. I wish we were still in school even if we have to do work because it is more better seeing people in real life instead of online school. I don't get to interact with them and I could only talk to them on the internet. I still wonder what school would've been like if we were at school.