Posted by Murphy 6th Grader on 6/16/2020

The school year is coming close to and end and it is not what I thought would happen going into 6th grade. Things have changed a lot, and it was new to everyone. Remote learning felt very short, and very different, but I learned a lot from it. In the world now I learned that there are some mosquitoes that carry this disease, and more will emerge as it gets warmer. It is perfect timing for mosquitoes , but bad timing for this year with everything that is happening. I´m not sure if that disease is new or not, but this summer may not be fun as hoped.



I think the school closure period started out as a kind of dream come true for most people, but it quickly became annoying and boring. I haven't been able to see anyone from school, or even outside of who I live with. I feel like lots of people were excited, until things got really bad. I hope that company can get a vaccine for the virus that works, so everyone can return to normal, or even the new normal, cuz either way at least We'll be able to go back to school, work, and things will open back up.


Just a month ago, my friends' mothers wanted everyone to stay away from each other. Now, however, me and a lot of my friends are easing back a bit. We have been hanging out very frequently, as long as we all wear masks.