Posted by Murphy 6th Grader on 6/15/2020

This entire week, felt really fast. It's probably because school is ending soon. This week went by really fast and I had a lot of fun with my friends, chatting, and playing. The Coronavirus still continues to linger around here, but It's good to know that some restaurants and stores are starting to open again. If more shops start to open, it's a good thing because it shows that the state that is opening again can quarantine themselves and quarantine the virus from other people. For some reason, I kind of feel like the Coronavirus will not have a cure but have a vaccine just like the yellow fever. I feel like one day the virus will just disappear and reappear at some point in time. It is good to know that schools may reopen after summer vacation in September. A lot of work places have been closed and not a lot of people are getting money to take care of themselves during this time. This week was good and there weren't really any negative things going around.


This week felt very short because it was the second to last week of the end of 6th grade. This is really good for me because I'm always stuck on my desk doing school work and when I'm done, it's already kinda dark outside. School for everyone next year will be very weird because all of us have to wear masks and stay away from each other. What I'm mainly confused about is how all the BPS schools are going to arrange the lunch and recess periods.