Posted by Murphy 6th Grader on 6/14/2020

I didn't do anything over the weekend which already tells you that I'm not doing so well but then again I kind of am? I'm not sure myself. This school closure period thing stresses the heck out of me because every time I attempt to do an assignment it's just really frustrating to look at a blank screen so I end up ignoring it. This 'period of change' sucks and I hate it with all of my heart. Well actually, I only really hate the fact that I'm behind on everything but that's my fault, so basically because of this I hate myself even more. Doing work isn't even something I have the ability to do anymore and its really sad because I used to be a decent student with good grades but now I can't even spell three letter words correctly. This period is making me go mad and the only thing keeping me sane is roblox and my friends. Thank god for ice cream, because without it, I'd probably be dead. The sad thing about my work is that I'm really only trying in ELA, but even then I'm missing a lot of assignments which just means that the rest of the subjects are going to be much worse. My motivation to become a good student is completely non existent and you won't be seeing anymore of that whatsoever. I wish to become a good student, yes, but we all know that ain't happening any time soon. I feel like I always say this in every journal entry I've ever written, but I hate school. Very much. I have a passion for hating it. History is now my least favorite subject, and now math, which once used to be a subject I excelled at, is now dead to me.