Developing a Positive Mindset

Developing a Positive Mindset: BATA Men’s Group Speaker

“When people ask  you how you feel,” the speaker said, “what do you say?” On Wednesday, October 3, the BATA Men’s Group had a speaker present a talk about mindset to the students in the group. Several students and BATA staff attended the talk in room 107. The speaker, Jean Transtamar, a local investor, talked to the students about how having the right mindset can lead to success and better living. Mr. Transtamar talked about “the Placebo Effect”.


What is the placebo effect? The Placebo effect is when doctors give sick patients a sugar pill that they think is medicine. The patients get better taking the sugar pill because they think it’s medicine. The Placebo effect is a great example of the power of the mind.

Mr. Transtamar said that anyone can learn to train their minds for success. “Increase the desire for the things you want,” was the advice Mr. Transtamar had for the students. Students should have tangible goals. “You’ve got to get your head right to reach your goals,” he said. “The brain is a muscle,” he stated. “You can exercise your brain.”  Exercising our brains allows us to prepare ourselves in order to reach our goals. However, we have to want our goals so badly that we have to be willing to sacrifice and work hard to achieve our goals. That motivation comes from setting the right mindset.


Mr. Transtamar had students participate in an activity in which he asked students to write down what they would like to achieve in the next ten years. His advice, in a nutshell, was “write down your goals, plan the activities you need to do to get closer to your goals, go out and just do it.”