Final Reports: Fiscal Reporting

Once your grant is clean and has been closed out, a Final Fiscal Report will be filed by the BPS Accounting Department. Final Fiscal Reports legally must be filed no later than 60 days after the close of the grant. It is your responsibility as the Program Manager to assure the grant has been cleaned up and closed out within 60 days of the grant ending, so that the Final Fiscal Report can be filed.

Please contact Martha Riascos, Accounting Coordinator, with any questions.  

The following guidance on Final Fiscal Reporting has been published by DESE. The process for Federal, Private, or grants funded from another source may differ from DESE’s policy.  

At the conclusion of grant activities, recipients must submit a final financial report to the Department, accounting for the expenditure of funds received. Grants Management has developed an online process and standard form (FR1) for collecting this information. The FR1 form should be submitted to Grants Management within sixty (60) days of the end date of the grant. Grant recipients should file their reports after carefully reconciling all figures with their city auditor, town accountant, or agency business manager.

Grants Management checks these reports to ensure that the expenditure of funds for each line item corresponds to the amount budgeted for that line. Note that over-expenditures that fall at or below the $100, 10% or $10,000 line item increase thresholds specified in the Department's amendment policy will be allowed and the final report will be filed. Increases in line items, without approved amendments, that exceed these thresholds, will be subject to possible audit exceptions and the required return of any funds that were expended inappropriately.