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5 Reasons to Use Nearpod

Nearpod is a student engagement platform with ready-to-run lessons that can be delivered through both live and student-paced formats. Teachers can also upload and make any of their favorite resources (PowerPoints, Google Slides, videos) interactive by incorporating real-time checks for understanding and collaboration opportunities, as well as media like virtual reality, simulations, and more. During a lesson, teachers get real-time insights into students’ learning. Teachers can also view post-session reports of student response data. 


Here are 5 reasons to use this powerful digital tool in your classroom:


  1. Boston Public Schools has invested in premium access to Nearpod for our staff. Teachers have unlimited storage and access to the majority of the ready to run lessons in the Nearpod lesson library. Teachers also have access to premium features, including Nearpod for English Learners and Historical Perspectives and Literacy.

  2. Teachers can launch lessons for live or student-paced participation in Nearpod for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

  3. Neaprod promotes inclusion and accessibility in your classroom. Students have the option to submit responses by typing, selecting images, or submitting voice recordings.  Nearpod’s integration with Microsoft Immersive Reader helps make text accessible to students in every Nearpod lesson. With Microsoft’s Immersive Reader students can have text read aloud, reformat the text for easier reading, break apart words, translate to different languages, and more. 

  4. The Google Classroom add-on allows teachers to assign lessons, review reports, and automatically record grades directly within Google Classroom from any device. Students can access Nearpod lessons within Google Classroom as well.


  1. Nearpod gives teachers access to formative assessments and dynamic media, such as Draw It, Matching Pairs, Drag & Drop, virtual reality, and more to engage students throughout the lesson. 

Looking for Nearpod training opportunities? Check out our Nearpod PD offerings here.