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3 Ways to Leverage Seesaw in the Classroom

During remote learning, Seesaw for Schools was a vital part of our daily interaction with students and families. As we have moved back to a more traditional classroom setting, Seesaw can be used in class every day and leveraged to support all of our students. Seesaw is accessible in Clever for K-5 teachers under the Virtual Learning Sites category. To learn more about ways Seesaw can support our students, please review the Seesaw HelpDoc


Here are three ways you can leverage Seesaw in your classroom. 

#1 - Make family members part of the team:

Invite family members to join your team. Family members can create an account and receive messages/announcements in their native language. Follow the steps from the Seesaw Family Help Center to use messages with families.


#2 - Use Multimodal Accessible Instructions:

Include verbal, visual and written instructions to help your learners know what to do. By incorporating various multimodal tools into your instructions, you are making your lesson accessible for all students. Students can review the audio or video instructions, screenshots or written instructions to complete activities. 


#3 - Create Digital Portfolios of Student Work:

Using the Multimodal creative tools, you are activating your students’ superpowers! By using the various multimedia tools, students can show their learning in many different ways and you are enabling your students to express their choice and voice. Student Digital Portfolios can be used as formative and summative assessments that are shared with families during family/teacher conferences to show their child’s understanding and learning experiences.