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Fiber Expansion

BPS Technology is excited to announce that all BPS school buildings will be transitioning to fiber lines by the end of the 2018/2019 school year. Transitions have already started with our first three buildings transitioned to fiber in January of 2018. In a fitting tribute to the first public school in the country, the Mather was also the first school on the new fiber network!

The Fiber expansion project will be rolled out with minimal disruptions to schools with most of the disruptive work occuring outside of school hours. You may already see technicians from BPS Technology visiting your school along with representatives from the City of Boston and a member of the fiber installation company to plan the logistics of each school building's migration.

What is fiber and why is it so important?

Traditional Internet lines are limited in their capacity and do not offer room for growth in the future. All of our schools currently have 1gb connections, which meets our current needs but we know that the rate of devices and Internet usage will require more and more bandwidth in the future. As your school is moved over to the new network, you may not notice a difference in Internet speed but the transition to fiber optics will ensure that your school has plenty of room to grow in the future!

What is our current capacity?

BPS currently has about 1/3rd of our schools on a Fiber Optic network (aka "BONET") that was one of the first K-12 fiber networks in the country. Most of the schools in this category are high schools so this new fiber expansion will bring all elementary/K-8 schools to the fiber network.