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School Uniforms

Mary Lyon Pilot High School Uniform Policy

The MLPHS is committed to emphasizing professionalism on its campus.  Adhering to the uniform policy not only signifies a sense of citizenship, but it also demonstrates the ability to convey PRIDE, our core values. The policy is as follows:

  • KHAKI, NAVY BLUE or BLACK BOTTOMS:  Bottom clothing must have the appropriate length, fit appropriately, and secured such that they do not reveal undergarments.  They include pants, shorts (not athletic), skirts, or capris. Leggings and denim are not acceptable bottoms. An efficient way to determine if shorts and skirts are the appropriate length is to stand with your hands by your side. If the tip of your middle finger doesn’t touch the fabric of the short or skirt, this means it is not long enough.

  • NAVY BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, WHITE or PINK POLO SHIRT (with Mary Lyon Logo): We have worked L & M, a uniform company where the polo shirts can be purchased. Shirt can also be purchased at by finding our school (Mary Lyon School). If you already have a polo shirt or a dress shirt with the appropriate color but without a patch, they are acceptable

  • Sweatpants, Sweatshirts or hoodies must also have the MLPHS logo and are available at L & M.  Please note that they are the only one that are acceptable.

Violation of the uniform policy

In the event that students arrive at school in violation of the uniform policy, they will have the opportunity to use a loaner in exchange of a collateral and join the community. If students refuse the loaner, they are in a sense excluding themselves from the community.  Therefore, they will be sent home after parents are called and expected to return in the appropriate uniform.