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BOSTON -- September 7, 2023 -- Boston Public Schools proudly welcomes back students for another year filled with so many new learning experiences, new opportunities, and new areas of growth both for students and staff.

As we welcome back our students and new learners joining the BPS community, we remain deeply committed to ensuring all our students have safe and welcoming learning environments that allow them to dream big and open new doors of opportunity to help them explore their passions.

"Together, we can ensure an amazing year of growth for all our students," said Superintendent Mary Skipper. "I look forward to partnering with you to ensure that all students have the highest quality education possible -- now and as we plan for the future -- including access to world-class facilities, high-quality instruction, engaging curriculum, and access to extracurricular and social-emotional supports to help our students thrive in their learning environments."

Boston Public Schools is beginning the 2023-2024 school year after months of continuous growth and change for the better. This includes a new, diverse leadership team, the successful implementation of a regional network model for BPS, a new budget that prioritizes student success, a transportation team that is fully staffed with bus drivers, scratch kitchens, a fully staffed team of Safety specialists and Community Connecting Coordinators, facilities upgrades like new bathrooms in some schools, and reductions in the rates of chronic absenteeism.

"We are so excited to welcome back all our students this school year to have an exciting and enriching year full of learning, exploration, and imagination," said Mayor Michelle Wu. "I'm grateful to all our educators and school staff for all their leadership and love to ensure our students and families have a successful school year."

This year, BPS students will be able to take advantage of expanding early college and AP programming. This includes 13th Year at Fenway High School, early college at Charlestown High School, and a ten-school AP African American Studies pilot program.

"Welcome back to school," said Boston School Committee Chairperson Jeri Robinson. "The first day of school has always been one of my favorite days of the year and this year, I look forward to growing together, reaffirming our commitment to fostering an inclusive and innovative educational experience here at Boston Public Schools."

The first day of school is one of the best days of the year. It is full of such excitement and potential. Everyone at BPS is looking forward to supporting our young people and their families, expanding our inclusion learning, keeping our young people safe, and starting another great school year.