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Congratulations to Mayor Elect Wu on this historic election for our great City. My colleagues and I are excited to join together with our new mayor on a bold, progressive vision that is focused on equity, excellence, and social justice.

I would like to thank Mayor Kim Janey for her unwavering support of and collaboration with the district. Mayor Janey has continued to make high-quality education a top priority in Boston and we are appreciative of the work we’ve been able to accomplish together. As the first Black Mayor of Boston, she will hold a special position in Boston’s history toward greater inclusion and civic leadership. 

As an educator and a Black woman leader myself, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of diverse representation for students. It is incredibly valuable for our children to see themselves in their leadership. Today, the City of Boston, a City of many firsts, continues on the arc of justice and its commitment to diversity; and the next generation of students will be better for it.