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Statement on the Violence in Georgia

Our hearts ache for the families of the eight victims of an unspeakable tragedy that occured in the Atlanta area overnight. We stand in solidarity with our friends, neighbors, family members, and colleagues in the Asian community who have been the victims of a growing number of acts of targeted violence, and we stand by your side as we combat these senseless attacks. Nobody should feel unsafe or scared because of who they are - hate has no place in our community or our country. I am especially pained today as once again women were the apparent target last night. Women have a long history of experiencing violence, and have borne a greater burden during this pandemic. We have seen the collective power of women banding together in recent weeks and months, especially women of color. I call on all members of Boston Public Schools to join me in expressing our support for the Asian community.

In Solidarity, 

Brenda Cassellius


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