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School Based Professional Learning Grant Winners Announced

Congratulations to four school teams who were selected by a collaborative group of teachers, union leadership, and school and district leaders to receive our first round of School Based Professional Learning Grants.

Established as an initiative of The District Capacity Project, a unique collaboration between the BTU and BPS, this grant program asked school teams to identify a challenge in their school and design a teacher leadership-driven learning project to address it.

Congratulations to the four teams that were awarded grants:

  • Boston International and Newcomers Academy who will identify the most promising reading instruction and intervention strategies for secondary ELL students.
    Project Leads: Nicole DaSilva, Alexis Pearce, Caitlin MacLeod-Bluver 

  • Charlestown High School who will study and implement competency-based, personalized education in our classrooms to ensure that students master core concepts and skills and stay on track to graduation.
    Project Lead: Lauren Brett

  • Mozart Elementary who will implement a teacher-driven professional learning plan to equip teachers to take a critical, anti-racist stance when making choices during ELT guided reading instruction.
    Project Lead: Edwin Cebrian.

  • Orchard Gardens Pilot School who will implement a common language among students and teachers to develop a school culture that encourages student autonomy, competence, and a feeling of connection between staff and students.
    Project Lead: Jeffrey Cipriani.