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BPS Employee Awarded Excellence in Education Award for Outstanding Dedication

Ceronne Daly, director of diversity programs for Boston Public Schools (BPS), was recently awarded the 2016 Excellence in Education award from University of Massachusetts Boston (UMASS Boston) and the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA). The award honors public school employees who demonstrate commitment to expanding opportunities for those preparing to become school leaders in a public school system.


“I was quite surprised and humbled to receive this award,” said Daly, who works in the BPS Office of Human Capital. “It is a priority that our programs provide multiple paths to preparing highly qualified educators who reflect the students that we serve. In my role, I build relationships with organizations and individuals who together work to prepare new educators for the rewarding and challenging job of teaching.”

Daly’s programs are focused on recruitment, retention, and development of a workforce reflective of the racial, cultural and linguistic diversity of BPS students.


“I believe the next generation of teachers are in our classrooms and our communities right now,”
Ceronne Daly. 


Pipeline programs, like the Community to Paraprofessional Development Program or the Accelerated Community to Teacher Program, are designed to allow BPS to tap into those riches and create a sustainable resource. For teachers already in the district, retention programs such as the BPS Male Educator of Color Executive Leadership Program and the BPS School Leaders of Color Think Tank provide growth and collaboration opportunities. Daly also engages in strategic partnerships with local colleges and universities resulting in the development of affordable high quality Graduate programs in Education and in Education Administration for current and future racially, culturally and linguistically diverse BPS educators and school leaders.


The UCEA works alongside its member institutions, including UMass Boston, to recognize and honor public school employees who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the preparation of school leaders. Previous endeavors, with BPS, include working to add graduate coursework to the Male Educators of Color and Women Educators of Color programs.