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Thank You to Hardworking Employees of the BPS Facilities and Transportation Departments

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - The Boston Public Schools would like to acknowledge the hardworking employees of the BPS Facilities and Transportation departments who have done an incredible job clearing the grounds of our 125 schools and getting our buses ready to roll. These individuals have worked around the clock over the past several days to ensure that BPS would be able to safely open our doors to our students today.

A crew of 511 BPS custodians — operating 195 snow blowers and 130 salt spreaders, and using 255,000 pounds of salt — cleared 700 school exit doors and 750 exterior steps. With the help of a team of contractors equipped with 35 snowplows, they also cleared 5 million square feet of sidewalks and school parking lots — that’s the equivalent of nearly 87 football fields. Meanwhile, 95 employees working for our bus operator cleared snow off our fleet of 742 buses and from our four bus yards.
These crews had to do this over and over again with each consecutive snowstorm since last Thursday. We thank them for their service.