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Solar Eclipse Information and Request

Hello Sumner families,

As many of you know, Boston will be able to view a partial eclipse on Monday. It is the last total solar eclipse in North America until 2044! While our eclipse view in Boston won't be total, it will be 92.5%, and the next few solar eclipses that we will be able to see in Massachusetts will be much much lower than that. The next total eclipse visible here will be in 2079! It is a rare opportunity.

This event is a valuable educational experience, and safety is the number one priority.

Safety Precautions
All classes that participate in outdoor viewing opportunities will view a video about eye safety and discuss the importance of never looking at the sun without special eclipse glasses. Teachers have been instructed to set aside time to ensure this most important step happens before they exit the building with their class.

All classes that view the eclipse will wear eclipse glasses. If a class does not have eclipse glasses, they will not view the eclipse outdoors and can choose to celebrate by learning about eclipses indoors or watching the virtual live stream from NASA.

Sumner Participation
Teachers may choose to participate in indoor or outdoor learning activities related to the eclipse. Classes who participate in outdoor viewing will follow the above precautions. Parents who are interested in chaperoning the experience should inquire with their child’s teacher and ensure they also have the appropriate eyewear.

We have some teachers who would like to participate in viewing the eclipse outside but do not yet have glasses; if you are able to procure glasses, we would welcome donations of glasses that are from a reputable company and meet the safety standard!

or if you would like to help your child's classroom maintain safety during this time, please reach out to the teacher.

For more information on safety and science, see:

Thank you!
Meghan Welch & Kelly Majmudar