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Basile Street access

Hello families, we are facing a safety issue with parent vehicles driving down and parking on Basile Street when BPS Student Buses are present for Arrival and Dismissal.

We have 2 large signs at Basile/Washington provided by the City advising drivers to not come down the street at these times.

Multiple lanes of vehicle and pedestrian movement can result in an accident to one of our community members and hence why these signs were posted.

While each one of us has busy lives and enjoy convenience, it should not be at the expense of others, particularly children.

We currently face traffic jams in to Roslindale Square because Basile St is not intended for this high level of vehicles at once. Our bus students are delayed getting home as the bus drivers try to navigate parent cars next to them, behind them, and in front of them on Basile St. We all know there are driver shortages so I can't imagine we are attracting more drivers with this stressful set-up.

There is alternative parking on Florence Street, Washington Street, Lindall Street and Murray Hill Road and more so you can walk over to school.

We have contacted Sergeant Darrin Greeley at the Boston Police Department Precinct E-5 and we encourage others parents to do so at 617-343-4560 or see in order to share the above concerns & to inquire about the hiring of an afternoon Crossing Guard.

If any parents are interested in forming a Safety Patrol to assist with traffic regulation at 4pm each day (could rotate who does it), please let me know. Other schools do have teams that help.

Meghan Welch, Principal