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2019 JQUS Max Warburg Courage Fellows Announced

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The Max Warburg Courage Curriculum’s “Courage in My Life” for sixth graders is a year-long language arts program based on the value of courage and is used in Boston Public Schools and in local parochial, charter, and private schools.

It empowers students to realize that their actions and decisions can be powerful agents of change. Through reading, writing, and discussion, students discover and recognize the role of courage in the lives of the characters they read about, in the lives of those around them, and in their own lives—past, present, and future.

As the culminating activity of the program, each student writes an essay on the topic of “Courage in My Life.” The process of writing and editing the essay brings all the pieces of the curriculum together—reading, writing, critical thinking, and group discussions. Though the students’ stories vary widely, the common theme of courage unites them all.

The local students’ essays are entered into a contest, where a panel of judges comprised of local authors, professors, journalists, educators, and members of the community reads each of the essays. The winning essays are published in our annual essay anthology.
The 2019 Max Warburg Courage Fellows from the JQUS are Mareyli Figueroa (Teacher Melanie Smith) and Mulugeta Norwich (Teachers Mandy Lam and Thu-Hang Tran-Peou). They were honored at a luncheon on May 9, 2019. Congratulations!