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SY17-18 MYP Program Evaluation Year

Programme evaluation is the primary means of ensuring that JQUS is meeting the IB programme
standards and practices. This process can also serve as a catalyst for school improvement.


Programme evaluation:
• is both a requirement and a service provided by the IB to IB World Schools
• is a reflective exercise that involves the entire school community
• assesses whether a school meets the IB standards and practices and will remain an authorized IB World School
• supports school efforts to continually improve the delivery of the programme(s)
• results in a clear plan for next steps and future actions
• can result in improved teaching and learning.


The aim of programme evaluation is to:
• evaluate the extent to which the school is meeting the programme standards and practices
• improve implementation by identifying strengths and weaknesses, and determining areas for future focus
• serve as a vehicle to reinforce the support and commitment for the programme from all stakeholders in the community.


Our last DP satisfactory evaluation cycle occurred SY15-16.