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2017 BPS Boston Marathon Runners

04-17-2017 Boston Marathon Runners

Check out ​some of our very own BPS staff who ran the 2017 Boston Marathon. 

We are so proud of all of our BPS community members who ran! Some staff shared their stories, experiences, and more!
Liz Byron - Gardner Pilot Academy - Bib: 16939
Liz Byron running up Heartbreak Hill during the 2017 Boston Marathon  
Liz Byron running up Heartbreak Hill. 
"When things don't go as planned, think positive and make the most it!"
Fun Facts: "I ran 150 miles in the Sahara for laptops for my students and the heat didn't get to me there...but it got to me on Monday! Go figure, I guess I'm getting old."
Advice for the BPS community: "Work harder and smarter; we can always work harder and smarter! Have frequent contact with all the families of all your students!"
Maureen Larkin - Related Services (SLP) - Bib: 19969
Maureen Larkin after finishing all 26.2 miles in the 2017 Boston Marathon!  
Maureen Larkin after finishing her 11th Boston Marathon.
"My 11th Boston was as exciting as the previous years, the crowds and volunteers along the course are what make this race special! I also volunteered at the marathon expo as an interpreter for the Spanish speaking runners, which was a very busy and fun day. If you've never run the marathon or volunteered, I strongly encourage you to become part of history; #BeBoston, #BostonStrong!"
Gina D'Addario - Office of Human Capital - Bib: 26411
Gina D'Addario with her medal after running the 2017 Boston Marathon  
Gina D'Addario with her medal after running 26.2 miles for Camp Shriver. 
"First off, running the Boston Marathon is one of the greatest honors and privileges that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Truly, it would be hard to put into words how much I love this marathon, but to make an attempt, I would happily run this race every year for the rest of my life! My wife teases me because I always say the marathon is "better than Christmas", which she thinks is incomprehensible, but I truly believe that waking up and having the option to run a marathon is the most incredible gift.

This is my sixth marathon and second Boston (2015 & 2017), and both times that I have run Boston, I am completely blown away by the support, people, stories, crowds, and the sheer power of human spirit. Training throughout the winter can be incredibly difficult; I run about 35 to 45 miles, per week, through ice storms, hail storms, snow storms, pouring rain, and freezing temperatures. This year, it was very hot, which made finishing quite difficult, but I just kept thinking about the next friend, family member, or colleague that would be out on the course and that would push me through to the next mile. My eyes always well up with tears when I see the infamous "Citgo" sign around mile 23-24, thinking about how far I've come and the amazing people I am sharing the course with. This Boston Marathon was extra special because I was able to squeak by with a sub-4 hour finish (a record for me!) and the marathon happened to fall on my 28th birthday.

Both times that I've run the Boston Marathon, I was given the opportunity to fundraise for charities that support Boston Public Schools students and families. In 2015, I ran for GoKids and this year, for Camp Shriver. Collectively, I have raised over $13,000 to support students and families, which is something I am incredibly proud of.
Running a marathon has forced me to set goals and push myself beyond limits I never thought I was capable of reaching. While I could name 26.2 million reasons to run a marathon, the feeling of crossing the finish line and reflecting on 6 months of hard work is one of the greatest I have ever known.

To all of those at BPS who supported me on this journey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Tim McQuade - Boston Latin School / Math - Bib: 26213
 Tim McQuade and his patient partner at the 2017 Boston Marathon
 "This photo is me with my patient partner Jackson. He and his family watched from Natick Center where my family was also gathered. That's the best part of running the marathon- seeing all of the people cheering me on. I was blessed to have so many family & friends who I knew would be along the course. But the people of each city & town, especially in Boston, made sure that every runner felt loved and encouraged. "
Fun Fact: This was my tenth year running as a part of Boston Children's Hospital's Miles for Miracles team. Every year has been special because of the amazing patients, families, doctors, and nurses at the Hospital. 
Advice for the BPS Community: My advice for the BPS community is to make sure to participate in the Boston Marathon somehow whenever they can. Whether they train and run the race, volunteer along the course, or cheer the runners on, they will never forget Marathon Monday in Boston! 
Debbie O'Shea - Garnder Pilot Academy - Bib: 29188
Debbie O'Shea with her medal after crossing the finish line of the 2017 Boston Marathon  
Debbie O'Shea with her medal after crossing the finish line!  
"One day, one step at a time-- This is how I trained and approached race day and how RMH Boston Harbor families approach their greatest battles." 
Fun Fact: "This was my first marathon. I ran for the Ronald McDonald House at Boston Harbor, which is a Charlestown based charity that provides housing for families whose children are undergoing medical treatment in Boston.  I ran in honor of Scott who is a fourteen-year-old with autism battling brain cancer. He reminded me so much of my students! Check out my fundraising page for more information:"
Advice for the BPS Community: "Never underestimate the power of the mind. It's amazing what it can get someone to do."  
Tracy Freeman - Charles Sumner / 5th Grade Inclusion Teacher - Bib: 29441
First time marathon runner!  
"I ran in honor of my  middle son Aidan who is 3 years old,  and all children living with Rett Syndrome.  My son is one of only  a handful of boys living with Rett Syndrome and is severely compromised by it.  Yet, his smile lights up a room, and his eyes are the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I ran to raise money for Rett Syndrome Research.
Hong Le-Smith - Mather Elementary - Bib: 28265  
Kydani Dover - Excel High School  - Bib: 28528
Elliot Nerland - Dept of Applied Behavior Analysis - Bib: 27427
Ed Glora - Business Services - Bib: 27194
Jennifer Kelly - Office of the Legal Advisor - Bib: 28044
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