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BPS - A Great Choice for Your Child

By Deputy Superintendent of the Office of Engagement Monica Roberts

Each year as school registration rolls around I’m reminded of my parents’ efforts to select schools for my five siblings and me. My parents took the time to find schools that met the needs of each of their children. They felt that it was one of the most important decisions a parent could make: providing your child a strong educational foundation is critical for long-term success.

My parents wanted us to attend schools that could develop and push us academically, while meeting our social-emotional needs. Where possible, they found a school that met the need for several of us. However, they were not afraid to send one of us to a separate school when a different environment was necessary to ensure effective learning.
Photo of Monica Roberts at Graduation
Their initial investment in finding the right school led to great life outcomes for each of us. Though neither of my parents attended college, they successfully saw three of the six of us complete a graduate degree; one became a successful business owner; and two found rewarding and viable careers with strong growth opportunities.

My family’s experience motivates me as I encourage Boston families to discover Boston Public Schools as they make school choices their children. I hope for every family, what my parents hoped for us – that they are able to help their children start strong with an excellent BPS education, so that they reach their highest potential and accomplish great things. The first step is to get students enrolled in school.

Boston Public Schools provides you with more options for your child’s education than almost anywhere in the U.S. — you will find some of the nation’s best and most exciting choices. From pre-kindergarten through middle school and continuing through high school, our schools offer academic, social, and cultural experiences that receive national recognition. We have great schools, and we are making investments and working harder than ever so that excellence is in every classroom, in every school, every single day.

If you haven’t already registered and are unsure about where to start, visit DiscoverBPS, get your customized school list, and learn as much as possible about the schools on your list to determine which one may be a good fit for your child.

If you are applying for kindergarten, Countdown to Kindergarten has a lot of information on how to choose a program, how and when to register, and how to help your child get ready for his or her exciting first year of school.

Our Welcome Centers are ready to help! Our specialized staff can explain your specific school options, the programs and activities each school offers, things to consider as you choose a school, and how to register for school.

To have your child enter kindergarten, grade 6 or 9, or placed in the school of your choice, it is best to register by February 3, 2017. Families seeking all other grades have until March 31 to register. BPS is here waiting to welcome you and your child. Don’t delay. Register Today and DiscoverBPS!