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Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a multi-avenue partner, providing four unique programs to the students of BPS through their Thomas M. Menino Learning Lab. During the school year, high school teachers are able to bring their students to the Learning Lab for hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Labs are designed to reinforce concepts taught in BPS classrooms and introduce students to Vertex science and career opportunities in biotechnology. The Learning Lab provides students a safe space for learning, failing and growing.


The Vertex Science Fair Mentorship program provides BPS high school students with an opportunity to work with Vertex employees on independent science and engineering research projects in preparation for school and district-wide science fairs. Vertex Science fair teams have a history of winning awards at the Boston Citywide Science Fair and competing in the Massachusetts State Science Fair and the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair.

 Students at the Learning Lab

The Vertex High School Summer Jobs Program provides six week paid summer internships for BPS high school students interested in STEM fields.  The program teaches students habits of paid work and provides professional development opportunities through enrichment programs.  The program is offered as part of the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program and administered in partnership with the Private Industry Council (PIC).


The Vertex Science Leaders Scholarship, announced in June, is a four year need and merit based scholarship that covers tuition and fees, room and board, and books for a student enrolling in a University of Massachusetts degree program. The scholarship is open to graduating seniors from Vertex partner schools who are interested in pursuing STEM careers.  Recipients are paired with a Vertex mentor and supported by Bottom Line while they complete their studies.