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BSAC Produces Promotional Video for the Boston Student Rights App

The Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC)  produced a promotional video to help get the word out about the recently relaunched Boston Student Rights App designed by and for students of the Boston Public Schools.  The video portrays real life situations in which the app can be used to learn about BPS policy on student rights, how to engage with BSAC and how students can find resources to meet their needs. Boston Student Rights apps delivers policy information about school discipline procedures, suspension, expulsion, and equity in clear, easy to understand language. Using the app help students get a solid understanding of the BPS Code of Conduct to better advocate for themselves and ensure they are treated appropriately.  If a student or family believes their rights have been violated, they are able to use the reporting function within the app to file a grievance report. Click here to view the promotional video and share with colleagues and friend. To download the app visit: