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OOE Publishes Catalog of Classes, Workshops, Meetings & Events

BPS Office of Engagement (OOE) believes success for every child starts early and partners with students, families, school staff and community organizations to ensure that every child is prepared for school and is able to reach their highest potential. OOE offers free classes, workshops and programs for Boston families to assist them as their child’s first teacher and greatest advocate. The newly published OOE Fall 2016 Catalog  lists fun and engaging classes, programs for every age group, from preschool through high school. Offerings include Technology Goes Home, English as a second language, classes on advocacy, parent-child reading and math clubs, and many more. Parents and guardians can choose to take a class by themselves or to take a class and learn alonside their child. Additionally, classes are available in over 8 languages and in almost every neighborhood. Families may use this catalog to find the classes and programs that are of most interest to them and meet their needs. OOE looks forward to partnering with famileis to ensure every child’s educational and life success! To request a a class in your community or language, please contact us,



Fall 2016 

Spring 2017