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February 24, 2021 Presentations and Materials

Agenda- EnglishArabic/ العربيةCaboverdean/ CaboverdeanoChinese/中文French/ FrançaisHaitian/Kreyòl Ayisyen, Portugese/PortuguêsSomali/ Soomaali, Spanish/españolVietnamese/Tiếng Việt


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Citations: National Board Certified Teachers 

Approval of Minutes: February 3, 2021 Meeting; and February 11, 2021 FY22 Budget Hearing

Superintendent's Report


- Update on Remote/Hybrid Learning and ReopeningArabic/ العربية, Caboverdean/ Caboverdeano, Chinese/中文, French/ Français, Haitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/Português, Somali/ Soomaali, Spanish/español, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

General Public Comment

Action Items:

- Grant for Approval: $25,000

- Boston School Committee Appointees to School Safety Working Group: Arabic/ العربية, Caboverdean/ Caboverdeano, Chinese/中文French/ FrançaisHaitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/PortuguêsSomali/ Soomaali, Spanish/español, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

    • Angelica Martinez, youth coordinator, East Boston Ecumenical Community Council
    • Georgina Orellana, student, East Boston High School 
    • Javier Flores, managing partner, Dinsmore Boston


- Early Literacy Update  Arabic/ العربية, Caboverdean/ CaboverdeanoChinese/中文French/ Français, Haitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/PortuguêsSomali/ SoomaaliSpanish/español, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

    Early Literacy Update Equity Impact Statement, Arabic/ العربية, Caboverdean/ CaboverdeanoChinese/中文French/ FrançaisHaitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/Português, Somali/ SoomaaliSpanish/español, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

    Memo from Academics to Superintendent re: Equitable Early (K2-2) Literacy Instruction, February 24, 2021, Arabic/ العربية, Caboverdean/ CaboverdeanoChinese/中文, French/ Français, Haitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/Português, Somali/ Soomaali, Spanish/español, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

    Early Literacy Update Supplemental Data, February 24, 2021

   - Update on Boston School Committee Priority Setting: Goals and Guardrails , Arabic/ العربيةCaboverdean/ CaboverdeanoChinese/中文French/ FrançaisHaitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/PortuguêsSomali/ SoomaaliSpanish/español, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

    Goals and Guardrails Overview - EnglishArabic/ العربية, Caboverdean/ Caboverdeano, Chinese/中文French/ FrançaisHaitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/PortuguêsSpanish/español, Somali/ Soomaali, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

    Feedback form (English)Arabic/ العربية, Caboverdean/ CaboverdeanoChinese/中文French/ FrançaisHaitian/Kreyòl AyisyenPortugese/PortuguêsSpanish/españolSomali/ Soomaali, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt

Public Comment on Reports (Optional)

New Business


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