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March 25, 2020 FY21 Budget Hearing and School Committee Meeting




5 p.m. Budget Hearing

Welcome and Overview

Superintendent's Report (oral) - Approved by unanimous consent

Presentation: Superintendent’s Revised FY21 Budget Recommendation PowerPoint

Memo from the Superintendent

FY21 Budget Recommendation (Excel Version

  1. By Account and Fund
  2. By Program and Fund
  3. By Department and Fund

Weighted Student Funding

  1. WSF: District Table
  2. WSF: Reserve Table 
  3. WSF: School by School Comparison
  4. Individual School WSF One-Pagers 

School Allocations

  1. Total Allocations to Schools
  2. Supplemental Funding to Schools
  3. Individual School Allocation One-Pagers


Public Comment

  (review written public comment here)

Closing Comments



6 p.m. Boston School Committee Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting Minutes: February 26, 2020 - Approved by unaimous consent.

Student Representative’s Report (oral)

Action Items


  • Superintendent’s Revised FY21 Budget Proposal: $1,258,633,065 - Approved unanimously by roll call. 

New Business


Watch the video.