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May 1, 2019 Materials




Pledge of Allegiance

Citations: 2019 Massachusetts School Library Association Awards – BPS Recipients

Approval of Meeting Minutes: April 10, 2019; April 22, 2019; April 23, 2019; April 24, 2019

Superintendent's Report (oral)

General Public Comment

Action Items

Grants for Approval Totaling $40,275,634 - Approved by unanimous consent.

Interim Salary and Non Personnel Payments for External Funds - Approved unanimously by roll call. 

Superintendent of Schools: Discussion, Selection, and Processes Related to Contracting


     The School Committee, on roll call, voted unanimously to enter into disucssions to select the the next superintendent. 

     The School Committee, by a ballot vote of 5-2, selected Dr. Brenda Cassellius as the next superintendent of schools.

                        Dr. Hardin Coleman voted for Brenda Cassellius                         

                        Mr. Michael O’Neill voted for Brenda Cassellius                                    

                        Dr. Lorna Rivera voted for Marie Izquierdo                                         

                        Ms. Jeri Robinson voted for Brenda Cassellius                                

                        Mr. Quoc Tran voted for Brenda Cassellius                                 

                        Vice Chairperson Alexandra Oliver-Dávila voted for Marie Izquierdo                    

                        Chairperson Michael Loconto voted for Brenda Cassellius  
     By roll call, the Committee then agreed to enter into contract negotiations with Dr. Cassellius for the position of superintendent of schools. Dr. Rivera abstained. All others voted yes.


New Business


Adjourn to Executive Session: The School Committee will adjourn to executive session for the purpose of discussing strategy in preparation for negotiations with the superintendent-designate, a non-union employee.  The School Committee will not return to public session.

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