Title I Compliance at the Boston Public Schools

  • Supplement, Not Supplant

    Supplement, Not Supplant

    Boston Public Schools operates schoolwide Title I programs. To demonstrate Supplement, Not Supplant, schoolwide programs must demonstrate certain criteria as well as demonstrate that Title I funds are solely supplementing the amount of funds that, in the absence of the Title I funds, be made available from non-Federal sources for that school. This includes funds needed to provide services that are required by law for students with disabilities and students with limited English proficiency.

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  • Compliance for English Language Learners (META Consent Decree)

    Compliance for English Language Learners (META Consent Decree)

    The Boston Public Schools assures that Title I Funds are equitably funding English Language Learners. The Office of English Language Learners works closely with the Budget Office, Office of Grants and External Funding, and all schools to assure compliance is being met according to the META Consent Decree.

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  • Comparability


    The Title I Comparability requirement refers to a school finance provision within Title I that requires school districts to use state and local funds to provide comparable services to all schools.

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  • Maintenance of Effort

    Maintenance of Effort

    Prior to receiving any Title I dollars, State and local education agencies must demonstrate that they "maintained effort" with state and local resources.

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  • Time and Effort

    Time and Effort

    Per the OMB Uniform Grant Guidance Part 200 (2 CFR 200.430) all employees must document the time and effort they spend within the program. The portion of the federally-paid salary should reflect the time and effort the employee has put forth for that federal program. Time and effort reporting is a form of accountability for the spending of federal funds.

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  • Title I Schoolwide Programs

    Title I Schoolwide Programs

    Schools where at least 40% of the children enrolled in the school are from low-income families may implement Schoolwide Programs. The Boston Public Schools has applied the Schoolwide Program approach to all schools districtwide. The Boston Public Schools has exercised the use of the Education Flexibility Partnership in the three schools that have less than 40% of students enrolled from low-income families, in order to provide schoolwide programs districtwide.

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