• Exam Schools Admissions Season Opens for 2024-25

  • Exam School notifications for the 2023-2024 school year were sent via email on Friday, May 5th. These notifications are for students that ranked the exam schools and met the GPA requirement to apply for admissions to Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy, and John D. O'Bryant School. BPS will mail hard copies of these letters to families early next week. If your student is on a waitlist for exam schools, BPS will contact you if a seat becomes available. All waitlists expire on November 30, 2023.


    To confirm your seat for next year, please visit www.bostonpublicschools.org/rsvp and respond by May 15, 2023. You will need your student ID number and your RSVP code.  Both can be found on your decision letter. 


    If your student is entering 7th grade, did not receive an exam school invitation, and has already made other school choices, you will receive your assignment at the end of May.  Assignments to non-exam school choices for grade 9 were sent out at the end of March.

  • SY2024-25 Application Timeline

  • Exam school application flowchart for 2024-25