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Summer programs for 2023 are now available.

Explore and register:

  1. Review the list of available programs at the "SUMMER LEARNING DESCRIPTIONS" table, below.
  2. Find the ones that interest you and your student. Our schools and partners are offering exciting opportunities to learn, explore, and grow.
  3. Be sure to check out "Eligibility/Registration" to see if your child qualifies.
    Note: Some programs are open to all BPS students, some for certain ages, and others are by invitation only.
  4. Have questions? School Family Liaisons and others in your school can help.
  5. Please note that some sites offer extended days, meals prepared on-site, and transportation (following BPS policy). These are noted in the Registration Portal.


Apply for the programs on School Mint.

Read the slides, How to Register Your Student for Summer Programs.

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  • Elementary School - Grades K-5

  • Middle School - Grades 6-8

  • High School - Grades 9-12


    Health and safety protocols for Summer Learning in Boston Public Schools will remain the same as current protocols.
    Check out the Home Health Checklist.



    Check out Boston After School and Beyond for more Summer Learning Opportunities.



    We are offering the following summer programs throughout the district:

    Program Description Dates
    Summer Early Focus
    • Summary: The Summer Early Focus program builds on children's learning during the school year. It is highly engaging and child-driven. Two BPS teachers support up to 20 students in each classroom with our Summer Early Focus curriculum. BPS plans to serve approximately 500 students currently enrolled in grades K1-2. Students continue to engage in high-quality instructional practices, take field trips, and have structured and unstructured play opportunities.
    • Eligibility/Registration: Families are invited to 5th quarter programs through their schools. Summer Early Focus and the locations are listed there. In addition, families who do not receive an invitation can sign up for these programs through their schools and/or through School Mint.
    July 10 - August 11
    Credit Recovery Programs
    • Summary: Credit Recovery Programs are offered by schools as a way for students to complete/recover course credits.
    • Eligibility/Registration: Students are notified of credit recovery courses by their guidance counselors and other student support staff.
    July 10 - August 11
    English Learner Summer Academies
    • Summary: The BPS Office of English Learners (OEL) offers programs focused on grade-level academic skills in math and ESL/English Language Arts. The programs utilize a research-based curriculum and instruction that aligns with WIDA and CCSS to improve the English language acquisition of English Learners. The program plans to serve approximately 2,500 ELs currently enrolled in grades K1-11.
    • Eligibility/Registration: School Mint. Families are invited to EL summer academies through their schools. English Learner students in Grades K-12 with priority given to compensatory students, SLIFE and ELD 1-3s. In addition, OEL invites our compensatory students for EL summer academies through our OEL family liaisons. Also, we will announce our EL summer academy opportunity in our upcoming LATF Newsletter.
    July 10 - August 11
    5th Quarter Summer Learning Academies
    • Summary: Summer Learning Academies are five-week, non-credit programs focused on academic acceleration and enrichment, run by a school or community-based organization with interest-based experiences, like outdoor exploration, sailing, soccer, or arts.
    • Eligibility/Registration: School Mint.
    July 10 - August 11
    Extended School Year (ESY)
    • Summary: The Extended School Year is a five-week, summer program for students with disabilities whose Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Teams have identified are at risk of substantial regression of skills over the summer.
    • Eligibility/Registration: Students are eligible per IEP only. Parents consent to these services during team meetings, followed by individual outreach to families each spring to confirm that their students will be attending ESY. Students are eligible for compensatory services per a team meeting and parents are informed similarly.
    • View the ESY page for more information
    July 10 - August 11
    Exam School Initiative (ESI)
    • Summary: ESI is a racial-equity initiative intended to expand access to students who have been historically underrepresented in exam schools as compared to the overall BPS student demographics. ESI will continue to serve students entering 5th, 6th and 8th grades. ESI plans to serve up to 650 students this summer.
    • Eligibility/Registration: This is an invitation-only program. Families will be notified of eligibility.
    July 10 - August 11