• Tech Toolkit

    Boston Public Schools (BPS) recognizes the critical role technology must play in the education of its students to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the realities of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. Our Tech Toolkit has been designed to support and guide successful school-based technology implementation.

    The toolkit contains resources within 4 major components to consider for successful implementation. Use this toolkit to learn more about each component, explore shared resources, and adopt strategies and district ideas/templates in your school.

    Planning      Management

    Instruction      Professional Learning

    Why this toolkit?

    Research by the World Economic Forum estimates that:

    • 65% of children entering primary school will find themselves in occupations that today do not exist
    • by 2020, there will be 1.5 million new digitized jobs across the globe
    • 90% of organizations currently have an IT skills shortage
    • 75% of educators and students feel there is a gap in their ability to meet the needs of the IT workforce

    In order to prepare our students for College, Career, & Life, we must continue to support educators with access to new tools and strategies to enhance teaching of core content. Today’s job market requires "Four Cs" competencies - critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. And as we continue to move forward, “New C” skills are becoming just as important - character, citizenship, and computational thinking.

    Access to technology and 21st Century skill development allows for opportunities to develop new ways of improving teaching and increasing educational efficiency to align with the district’s Strategic Implementation Plan of fostering Equity, Coherence, and Innovation.