• Developed Shared Expectations


    Here are some ways you can use the OEE site to develop common expectations of proficient practice with you and your colleagues. 



    By yourself


    With a coach or mentor


    In a team


    As a school leader




        The Interactive Rubric has unpacked several elements that many teachers tagged in their self-assessments as an area for growth.  Each element has both video and non-video examples that illustrate proficient practice in that element.  



      The various videos under the examples tab of each element pair very well with some of the Inquiry and Reflective Dialogue protocols on the National School Reform Faculty website.  Protocols like the Peer Observation Protocols Jigsaw or OEE's own Unpacking and Norming Activity can help shape the conversation that teams have while watching videos together. 

     teams      If team members want to observe each other's classrooms, it would be helpful to look through the teacher and student behaviors in the rubric looks-fors



         Evaluators can direct educators to watch specific videos on the Interactive Rubric to help educators see examples of effective instructional practices in an element.  For instance, here you'll find a video of proficient practice in student engagement.   




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