• high school

    In high school, students will transition from graphical programming to text-based programming such as Python, Java and HTML. This will allow students to create more sophisticated programs that apply to real-world needs, as well as prepare them for pursuing Computer Science in college and career. By the junior or senior year, interested students should have access to college-level courses through CS PrinciplesAP or dual-enrollment programs.

    In grades 9-12, computer science pathway will look much more structured than in K-8 grades. The recommended progression is:

    • 9th grade (all students): Exploring Computer Science, Introduction to Computing and CS Discoveries
    • 10th, 11th & 12th grade (elective): College level courses (Computer Science Principles, Project Lead The Way, AP Computer Science A or dual-enrollment courses)
    • High school teachers/students can also take advantage of online courses that offer self-paced learning opportunities for various programming languages. Examples include: PLTW, Code.org, Khan Academy, Codecademy, and CodeHS (these links will open through BPS Digital Backpack to sync with your BPS account). These programs also work well for after-school clubs.
    • Game Simulations using MIT Starlogo Nova: StarLogo Nova is a programming environment that lets students and teachers create 3D games and simulations for understanding complex systems
    • Integrating Computational Thinking across content areas. 3D Printing, Microcontrollers, Scratch, Python, Processing and Visualizing Mathematics
    • Tools to Learn: Python, HTML5, Java, Flash, APP Creator

    High school students should also be on a lookout for coding competitions and “hackathons” that often award winners with prizes or scholarships. Follow us on Twitter at #bpspln for up-to-date announcements.
    For questions regarding Computer Science in high schools, please contact:
    Rashmi Pimprikar, Program Director, STEAM and Computer Science Initiatives at rpimprikar@bostonpublicschools.org
    Nick Gonzales, Digital Learning Specialist at ngonzales@bostonpublicschools.org