The faculty of the Community Academy of Science and Health engages in ongoing professional development to reflect, grow professionally, and adjust our practice so that our students will achieve.  The 2016-2017 focus of our work is:
    Instructional Focus: Literacy Across the Curriculum:
    Developing and implementing CDT’s that improve comprehension of complex texts and evidence based writing

    School-wide Priority Question:
    How do students effectively access and demonstrate comprehension of complex texts?

    School-wide Student Learning goal:
    Students with a minimum of 80% attendance will increase by one performance level on a common grading rubric by the end of third term.  Students will demonstrate growth in reading comprehension, analysis, and synthesis of informational texts, orally and in writing and using content specific vocabulary.

    This will be measured by student performance on quarterly writing portfolio tasks and District Interim Assessments.

    To refine our practice, we engage in professional development in the following ways:

    1) Tri-weekly content based Professional Learning Communities
    2) Monthly full faculty workshops
    3) Bi-annual school-wide Learning Walks
    4) Quarterly analysis of student work 
    5) Teacher led Instructional Leadership Team
    6) Weekly Inquiry Facilitation
    7) Administrative team Professional Learning Community