The Grants Application Process

  • All grant proposals must obtain internal approval before being submitted. The grant application process is mapped below:  

    Step 1: Applicant identifies the grant opportunity they would like to apply to and reviews with department/school   Step 2: Applicant submits the online Intent to Apply Form with details about the proposed grant program   Step 3: the BPS Grants Review Team - a cross-functional team - reviews the submitted Intent to Apply and makes a recommendati   Step 4: Once the BPS Grants Review Team reviews and approves the applicant, the Applicant completes the proposal   Step 5: BPS reviews the proposal, obtains necessary signatures, and submits to the funder
    Internal approval is required for every grant application, whether submitted by an individual, school, or department. Internal review and approval assures that applicants have the necessary information to complete the proposal, that the proposal is aligned to district priorities, that competing proposals are not being submitted, and that the proposal is a strategic decision for the district.
    More information about each step of the process can be found below. Please contact us with any questions.  

Finding Grants

  • The Office of Federal and State Grants encourages schools and departments to actively prospect and apply for grant opportunities. 

     Click to view the BPS Current Grant Opportunities listing

    The current grant opportunities that the Boston Public Schools is aware of can be found in our constantly-updated document of Current Grant Opportunities. This listing contains grant opportunities from multiple different sources, as well as additional resources to assist you in locating a grant that may be right for you, your school, or department. 

Intent to Apply

  • If you wish to apply to any of the below opportunities, please read through the RFP completely to assure you are eligible to apply, then complete the online Intent to Apply as soon as you have made the decision to apply. We will contact you within 10 days with next steps and will be able to support you in your application process.
      Click to access the online Intent to Apply Form that is to be filled out prior to any grant application  

BPS Internal Grant Review

  • The Grants Review Team is comprised of members from multiple departments who come together to review and make decisions.
    The purpose of the Grant Review Team is to review grant requests to ensure alignment to strategic priorities, positive impacts on students, sustainability, matching fund requirements, technology, facility, and staffing requirements, assessment, 
    research and evaluation requirements, and BPS/City of Boston/State policy compliance.
    Before any grant is submitted, it must obtain approval from an internal Grants Review Team. 
    Once the Intent to Apply Form has been completed, your submission will be sent to the Grants Review Team. The Grants Review will review your proposal and make a decision as to whether the proposal should move forward. You will be notified of the Grant Review Team's decision within 10 days of submitting the Intent to Apply form.

Completing your Grant Proposal

  • The Office of Federal and State Grants can assist with grant proposal completion by providing key information, assisting with budget building, budget review, and proposal review. 
    Below are some resources to assist you in your proposal creation:
    Click to access the BPS Grants Circular
    The BPS Grants Circular provides details about grant management in the Office of Federal and State Grants.
    Click to access the BPS Grants Management Library
    This internal grants library provides step-by-step guidance around all grant-management activities, BPS procedures, best practices, contact information, common grant application materials, and commonly asked questions. 

Obtaining Signatures, Letters of Support, and Submitting your Proposal

  • Once your grant proposal is complete, and no less than one week before the grant proposal is due, submit your proposal to the Office of Federal and State Grants. 
    The Office of Federal and State Grants will facilitate obtaining any necessary signatures, review your proposal, and work with you to determine next steps for submitting. 
    Superintendent's Signature on a Proposal: The Office of Federal and State Grants will obtain all signatures. All documents requiring signature must be submitted at least one week (7 days) before they are due. All proposals must be submitted through the Intent to Apply form and obtain approval to move forward from the Grants Review Team before signatures will be obtained. 
    Letters of Support:  The Office of Federal and State Grants will facilitate obtain all signatures on Letters of Support from the Superintendent and Mayor (for Federal Grants). Once the Intent to Apply has been reviewed and approved by the Grants Review Team, please draft a Letter of Support for signature.  All letters requiring signature must be submitted at least one week (7 days) before they are due. 
    If you are requesting a Letter of Support from BPS not tied to a BPS grant application, please complete the online Letter of Support Request Form and  the Office of Federal and State Grants will follow up with next steps.