• Social Studies

    Social Studies Learning Goals, Fourth Grade 

    General Social Studies Websites for Fourth Grade

    America's Story, Library of Congress

    Social Studies iPad Apps for Fourth Grade 

    Google Earth - Travel, Science, geography, etc.

    The Presidency - The Presidency application is an excellent educational reference for easy access to historical information regarding the 44 United States Presidents. Designed as a reference for Elementary and Middle School students.

    Stack the States Lite - As you learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations, flags and more, you can actually touch, move and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states that reaches the checkered line to win each level. You earn a random state for every successfully completed level. All of your states appear on your own personalized map of the United States. 

    Today In History Lite - Today In History is the easiest/best way to get the history information you want when you want it.

    WORLD BOOK - This Day in History for iPad - This Day in History for iPad is an interactive multimedia calendar that displays historical events for the current day or any selected day, along with related media such as photos, illustrations, music, and speeches. 

    World Countries ALL-IN-ONE Free. 7 Educational Apps - 7 Educational Geographic apps in one: World Countries Factbook (CIA, WIkipedia, Anthems, Maps, Flags, Capitals) - all 260 countries/territories, Continental maps, Flags, 3 types of Quizzes: capitals, maps, flags and trivia, Flash cards and Rankings. 

    Online Fourth Grade Social Studies Games Organized by Learning Standards

    Learning Standards
    Regions of the United States
    U.S.A. Games
    You Are Here
    State Stumper  Go Go GoBros
    Road Quest
    Postcard Adventure  Coast to Coast