• Social Studies

    Social Studies Learning Goals, Second Grade 

    General Social Studies Websites for Second Grade

    PBS Kids
     PBS Social Studies Games
     America's Story, Library of Congress
      Culture Crossing

    Google Earth - Travel, Science, geography, etc.

    World Countries ALL-IN-ONE Free. 7 Educational Apps - 7 Educational Geographic apps in one: World Countries Factbook (CIA, WIkipedia, Anthems, Maps, Flags, Capitals) - all 260 countries/territories, Continental maps, Flags, 3 types of Quizzes: capitals, maps, flags and trivia, Flash cards and Rankings. 

    Online Second Grade Social Studies Games Organized by Learning Standards

    Learning Standards
    Locating Continents
     All About World Geography      
    Locating Oceans
     All About World Geography      
    Latin America
     Central & South America Geography Game  Carribean Geography Game Rock the Countries Rock the Countries: Central America
    South American Countries, Capitals Rap Go to Tumblebooks. Click on Videos. Watch videos about Brazil, Mexico, and other Latin American places! Go to our Britannica database for articles and videos about Latin American places. Search for the name of a country or city.    

    North America
    USA Geography Games Mexico Geography Coast to Coast State Thumper
    Road Quest Go to Tumblebooks. Click on Videos. Watch videos about Connecticut, Florida, New Mexico Pueblos, North America, Rhythms of New York. Go to our Britannica database for articles and videos about North American places. Search for the name of a country or city.   You Are Here  
    Where's Buster? Go Go Go Bros Postcard Adventure 50 States Song
    Tour the States Music Video