• Science

    Science Learning Goals, Kindergarten-2

    General Science Websites for Kindergarten-2

    PBS Kids
    Hour of Code   
    Online activities for
    learning computer science.
    Check out activities such
    as "Lightbot" for young
    NASA KiDS' CLUB Snowflake Bentley Website  
     San Diego Zoo  

    Science iPad Apps for Kindergarten-2

    Scratch Jr.  - Teaches fundamental concepts in computer science.

    Online Science Games Organized by Learning Standards 

    Earth and Space Sciences
    ESS2 Earth's Systems
    Weather Surprise Water Safari Explore the Outback Jungle Rangers
    Plum's Creature Connector Rocky Mountain Roundup Zoomazing Nature Sketchpad
    Abby's Adventure Game Nature Changer    
    ESS3 Earth and Human Activity
    Park Builder A Tale of Two Soup Cans Thrifty Threads Watts of Trouble
    Gabriela Cleans Up Eekohouse Light It Right Fine Feathered Feast
    Super Cleaner Upper      
    Life Science
    LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
    Creature Power Suit Underwater Challenge Animal Scrapbook Caracal Leap Dolphin Dive
    Kickboxing Kangaroo Seed Soaring Can You Dig It? Croc Hatch
    Monkey Mayhem Flower Flier Going Batty Aviva's Eel-ectric Challenge
    Physical Science
    PS1 Matter and Its Interactions
    Water We Doing Matter Sorter Sorta-ma-Gogo Sorting Box
    Oscar's Trash Launch Crystals Rule    
    PS2 Motion & Stability: Forces and Interactions
    Oscar's Trash Launch       

    PS3 Energy