• Library
    Library Learning Goals for Early Childhood Classes
    Library Rules and Procedures
    • I can follow all library rules.
    • I can ask the librarian for help finding a good book. 
    • I can begin to understand how the library is organized and how to find books that I like. 
    Pre-literacy for Reading
    • I can show responsibility in caring for and borrowing library books. 
    • I can hold a book correctly and turn pages in the right order. 
    Understanding Multimedia Texts (Both Stories and Informational)
    • I can listen actively to texts.
    • I can listen to literature for pleasure and information.
    • I can use illustrations to better understand a text. 
    • I can show that I understand a text by talking about it with classmates and drawing responses to it. 
    Collaborative Learning
    • I can respect and listen to ideas and information shared by other students.
    • I can help my classmates in selecting library books.   
    Computer Literacy
    • I can use a computer mousepad to move the pointer on the screen.
    • I can be responsible in caring for and properly using library computers.


    *All of the above learning goals are met while using timely multimedia texts (print books, e-books, video, audio), Smartboard activities, and online activities that relate to students' classroom learning topics. Ms. Torres-Vivas, Ms. Hayes, and I collaborate closely in bringing all the print and technology resources of the library to bear on students' learning in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. For more information and resources about online reading, e-books, and the Winship Library Catalog, go to the Winship Library website
    *For more information on learning standards addressed in Library class, see the two major documents: Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards and Expectations and Recommended Standards for PreK-12 Information Literacy Skills (Massachusetts School Library Association).