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    Math iPad Apps for Early Childhood

    ABC and Me - The ABCs flashcards contain large font letters (and their names), phonetic pronunciations, and vivid images. Kids can click on the letter or the image to hear the corresponding audio in English. Numbers flashcards help teach the order of the numbers and counting. Each number card shows a different quantity of items preschoolers and toddlers can count.

    ABC Magnetic Alphabet Lite  - Pre-reading and pre-math skills.

    DotToDot Number Lite - Number sequencing - connect the dots.

    Kid Apps: All in 1  - This application to teach your young children fundamental reading, writing and math skills. Kids App has 17 different apps ranging from math games, over 800 flash cards, interactive tracing drills and more.

    *From the BPS Office of Information & Instructional Technology. 

    Online Math Games Organized by Learning Standards 

    Counting and Cardinality
    PK.CC.2 I can recognize and name numbers in writing from 1-10.
    PBS Kids Hide and Seek Grover's Winter Games   PBS Kids Game Count with Allie   Meatball Launcher   
    PK.CC.4 I can count objects and actions up to 10 one by one and count as many as 7 objects in a scattered configuration.
    Egg Counting Elmo Sesame Street Count Me to Sheep Cooking with Rosita Cooking with Cookie  
    PBS Kids Monkey Jump
    Roly Poly Roundup   The Cookie Games
    Peg's Pizza Place  
    3-2-1 Snack
    Juggling George
    PK.CC.5 I can tell you if a group has more than or less than or is equal to when I compare and describe collections.
     Elmo and Grover's Lemonade Stand PBS Kids Game Count Your Chickens
    PBS Kids Hat Grab
    PBS Kids Fair Shares  
    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    PK.OA.1 I can use objects to model addition (putting together) and subtraction (taking away) in problems with up to 5 objects.
     PBS Kids Game Ribbit PBS Kids Train Station
    Measurement and Data
    PK.MD.1 I can describe objects by using measurable attributes of length, area, weight, and capacity using vocabulary such as long, short, tall, heavy, light, big, small, wide, and narrow.
    Vegetable Planting PBS Kids Pinecone Pass Dino Drink
    Air Show
    Measure That Foot
    Measure That Animal
    Roarin' Relay  
    How Tall?
    How Big Are You?

    PK.MD.2 I can compare the length, weight, and capacity of two objects.
    Balancing Act
    Pan Balance   PBS Kids Leaf Leader  
    PK.MD.3  I can sort, categorize, and classify objects by more than one attribute.
    Cookies of the Caribbean
    Oscar's Trash Collection Leafylafoo Roundup   Laundry Game
    PK.G.1 I can describe the position of objects in the environment using words such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to.
    Oscar's Rotten Ride
    Bert's Pigeon Trouble
    Beehive & Seek    
    PK.G.2 I can identify two-dimensional shapes (squares, circles, triangles).
     Sesame Street Shape Play Huff-Puff-A-Tron  Telly's Shape Coaster   Shape Voyage
     Oh Say, Can You See the Shapes Shape Pop
    I can recognize, duplicate, and extend repeating patterns.
    Vegetable Patterns
    Grover's Winter Games   Chicken Dance   Planet Pal