The English High School 

  • 1850    Louis Sullivan, architect, father of the modern skyscraper, teacher of Frank Lloyd Wright
    1851 Samuel P. Langley, Secretary of U.S. Smithsonian Institute at Air Force Base; an aircraft carrier and a solar measuring scale were named for him
    - J. P. Morgan, Famous 19th and 20th Century Industrialist
    1911 William H. Meanix, World Record Holder, 440 yard hurdles, 1915-1941
    1912 Gen. Matthew Ridway, Chief of Staff of the Army and Commander of Forces in Korea
    1923 William Ohrenberger, Boston Public Schools Superintendent and a BPS elementary school was named after him
    1925 Timothy J. Regan, Major General and Past Commander of Mass. National Guard
    1941 William Podd Hathaway, U.S. Senator, Maine
    1943 Francis X. Kelley, Marine Corps Commandant
    1944 Joseph M. McDonough, Boston Public Schools Superintendent
    1948 Leonard Nimoy, Actor
    1950 Minister Louis Farrakhan (Louis Eugene Walcott), Leader of the Nation of Islam
    1957 Robert J. Sbordone, Member, 1964 U.S. Olympic Team
    1959 David Cohen, Deputy Director, CIA
    1974 Kenneth Clarke, Professional Football Player, with the Cleveland Browns & the Dallas Cowboys