Boston Latin Academy (formerly Girls' Latin School)

  • 1880   Alice M. Mills, first graduating class of Girls' Latin School, first Alumnae President
    1909 Marion Moreland, teacher and guidance counselor, Girls' Latin School
    1910 Natalie W. Linderholm, Founder of Career Center for Social Service
    1914 Alice C. Lacey, teacher and President of the Girls Latin School Alumnae Association
    1914 Dr. Mary T. Rooney, First Dean of Seton Hall University Law School
    1915 Julia Steere Clark, Teacher, Black Hills Teacher's College
    1920 Pamela Robinson-Moore, Author of fiction and children's stories
    1921 Marjorie Linfield Hansaker, Economist at Occidental College
    1921 Zabelle Tahmizian, Teacher at GLS and translator of Armenia literature
    1926 Norma Farber, Poet, author and concert singer
    1928 Miriam Dickey, Member of the Children's Museum, and Mass. Audubon Society
    1928 Sr. Anna Kelly, Assistant Dean of Regis College
    1930 Bernice Rosenbaum, Founder, Social Workers for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament
    1931 Barbara Polk Washburn, First woman to climb Mt. McKinley
    1932 Eileen Donovan, Career Diplomat with service in the Philippines
    1933 Harriet Schlesinger Annis, Director of Psychiatry at the Gaebler Children's Center
    1933 Ruth Messer Anderson, Chief of Anesthesia at the Cushing VA Hospital
    1934 Rita Kelley, Physician at Mass General Hospital
    1935 Mary McGrory, Syndicated columnist for the Washington Star newspaper
    1937 Lillian Gass Savage, Teacher at Sharon H.S. and founder of the Student Coalition Against Hatred and Racism
    1939 Deborah Tepper Haimo, Professor of Mathematics at Washington University of Missouri
    1939 Eleanor Creed L'Ecuyer, First woman officer to retire as Coast Guard Captain; Prof of GLS Alumnae Assoc. 1951-55
    1940 Eunice Alberts Nicholson, Soloist for Boston Symphony Orchestra
    1940 Priscilla Laubenstein, Educator and designer of a Learning Aid Device for disadvantaged youth
    1941 Nona Rohan Mahoney, Founder of Blue Hill Montessori School
    1941 Margaret Hannigan, Dermatologist with Child & Family Health Services
    1942 Martha Bergin Thomas, Engineer, Recipient of the Achievement Award from the Society of Women Engineers
    1943 Maria-Pia Antonelli, Accomplished pianist & recipient of the Star of Italian Solidarity Award
    1947 Aileen Cavanaugh, Boston University School of Management faculty and Physicists with the Dept. of Army
    1947 Sr. Mary Hennesey, Served in student personnel at Loyola University
    1947 Frances Fraher Minno, Lecturer in law at the University of Pittsburgh
    1948 Jacquelyn Seevak Sanders, Author, lecturer and Director of the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago
    1949 Norma Meras Swenson, Author, lecturer and Director of the Boston Women's Health Book Collections
    1951 Alice Koerner Wolf, Former Mayor of the City of Cambridge
    1952 Sarah Ann Shaw, TV-reporter and former host of Say Brother
    1953 Sylvia Simmons, Former Executive Director of the American Assistance Corp.
    1955 Harriet Latham Robinson, Research Professor of UMASS Medical School
    1957 Martina Souretis-Horner, Former President of Radcliffe College
    1961 Diane White, Columnist for The Boston Globe
    1962 Julie Glowacki, Ph.D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Harvard School of Dental Medicine; Orthopedic Research, Brigham and Women's Hospital
    1968 Jacqueline Adams, Reporter for CBS news