How to Sign Up for Email Notifications

  • When your school uses email notifications, parents and students can subscribe to receive email messages when any of the following conditions occur:

    • A new daily attendance record is created.
    • A grade below the threshold you define is recorded.

    1. Log into


    2. Click the Family tab. 

    family tab  

    3. Click the Notification tab on the bottom left side


    4. At the top of the page, any email addresses associated with your account appear. Select the checkbox next to each email address you want to receive notifications.

    check box  

    5. After viewing the description of each email, select the Subscribe checkbox if you want to receive that email notification.

    Note: For the Grades notification, define a Grade Threshold between 1 and 100. The system will send an email when the student receives a grade below that percentage.

    6. For each subscription, the system sends the appropriate messages to the designated email account. To view or change this account, click Set Preferences on the settings bar at the top right corner of the page.

    set prefrences  

    7. Then click on the Security sub-tab, type in the new email, and click Ok


    Note: Your changes to this screen are saved automatically. There is no Save button.

Need More Help?

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     *For BPS Staff only, Parent's please contact your child's school