How to View my Child’s Grades or Report Card Grades

  • 1. Log into


    2. To see the Grades click on the Family Tab

    family tab  

    3. Check off the student name and click on the Transcript tab on the left side.


    4. Click on the Dictionary Menu icon (small book icon in the top right corner) to choose the transcript for your child's grade:

    • Exam Schools (Quintiles)
    • Grades 6-12 (Quarters)
    • Grades 6-12 (Trimesters)
    • Grades 1-5 (Trimesters)
    • Kindergarten transcript
    • Summer School

    5. The transcript tab will display the current year records by default.

    current year  

    6. Click on the Filter icon on the top right corner to see your child’s grades for the current school or all transcript records.

    current school  

    7. Click on an individual course to view details for that course’s transcript record such as all the grades and comments earned on that class.

    grades comments  

    8. After you finish looking at the details, click Cancel to return to the list of classes, or click any other side-tab or top-tab.


Need More Help?

  • help desk
     *For BPS Staff only, Parent's please contact your child's school