Virtual School Tours for the 2022-2023 School Year

  • Thank you for your interest in Boston Public Schools for the 2022-2023 school year!  Due to COVID-19, all school info sessions will be held virtually.  

    Before registering a student for a BPS school, we encourage you to research your student’s school choice options, learn more about our schools, and attend school information sessions. For more information on how and when to register, please visit

    For the 2022-2023 school year:  The priority registration period for students entering grades K0, K1, 6, 7, and 9 will run from January 5 - February 4.  The priority registration period for students entering K2 and all other grades begins on February 7.

    The Virtual School Information Sessions for most schools have passed.  If you would like more information about individual schools, please reach out to them directly using the contact information listed below.

    We also encourage you to visit Discover BPS, a school search engine that helps parents understand which schools their child is eligible to attend and is also a great resource for information about all BPS schools.  Please email with any questions.

    PDF of All School Preview Times and Contact Info  

    BPS School Preview Times & Contact Info

    Adams Elementary (K0*-6)
    165 Webster St, East Boston
    Joanna McKeigue Cruz (617-869-6805,

    Alighieri Dante Montessori School (K0-6)
    37 Gove St, East Boston
    Christopher Marroquin (617-635-5829,

    Another Course to College (9-12)
    612 Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park
    Michele Pellam (617-635-8865,

    Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy (K0-1)
    121 Corey Rd, Brighton
    Rosie Matos (617-635-8409,

    Bates Elementary (K0*-6)
    426 Beech St, Roslindale
    Rodolfo Morales (617-635-8064,

    Beethoven Elementary (K1-2)
    5125 Washington St, West Roxbury
    Ed Puliafico (617-635-8149,

    Blackstone Innovation School (K0-5)
    380 Shawmut Ave, South End
    Karla Rolon (617-635-8471,

    Boston Adult Tech Acad (11-12)
    20 Church Street, Boston
    Benjamin Helfat (617-635-1542,

    Boston Arts Academy (9-12)
    11 Charles St, Dorchester
    Christina Rodríguez (617-590-8071,

    Boston Collaborative High School (10-12)
    215 Dorchester St, Roslindale
    Sherri Neasman (617-635-8035,

    Boston Community Leadership Academy (10-12)
    655 Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park
    Amarielis Morales (617-635-8657,

    Boston Community Leadership Academy-McCormack Lower (7-9)
    315 Mt Vernon St, Dorchester
    Amarielis Morales (617-635-8657,

    Boston Day/Evening Academy (9-12)
    20 Kearsarge Ave, Roxbury
    Magdalene Moise (617-635-6789,

    Boston Green Academy (6-12)
    20 Warren Street, Brighton
    Amanda Reveles (857-891-1742,

    Boston International (9-12)
    100 Maxwell St, Dorchester
    Lorenis Nova (617-651-1595,

    Boston Latin Academy (7-12)
    205 Townsend St, Boston
    Marsha White (617-635-9957,

    Boston Latin School (7-12)
    78 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston
    Martha Pierce (617-635-8895,

    Boston Teachers Union K-8 Pilot (K0*-8)
    25 Walk Hill St, Jamaica Plain
    Jerica Williams (617-635-7717,

    Bradley Elementary (K0*-6)
    110 Beachview Rd, East Boston
    Carla Aranda (617-635-8422,

    Brighton High School (9-12)
    25 Warren St, Brighton
    Andrew Bott (617-635-9873,

    Burke High School (9-12)
    60 Washington St, Dorchester
    Christopher Bishop (857-991-6600,

    Channing Elementary (K0*-6)
    35 Sunnyside St, Hyde Park
    Janise Hall Queen (617-606-0100,

    Charlestown High School (9-12)
    240 Medford St, Charlestown
    Mercedes Garcia (857-244-0132,

    Chittick Elementary (K0*-6)
    154 Ruskindale Rd, Mattapan
    Florence Taylor (617-635-8652,

    Clap Innovation School (K0*-6)
    35 Harvest St, Dorchester
    Deidre DeGraffenreid (617-635-8672,

    Community Academy (9-12)
    25 Glen Rd, Jamaica Plain
    Kunthary Thai-Johnson (617-635-7734,

    Community Academy of Science and Health (9-12)
    11 Charles St, Dorchester
    Nusi Hassan (617-635-8950,

    Condon K-8 (K0*-8)
    200 D St, South Boston
    Robert Chisholm (617-635-8608,

    Conley Elementary (K0*-6)
    450 Poplar St, Roslindale
    Jennifer M Eddington (617-635-8099,

    Curley K-8 School (K0*-8)
    40 Pershing Rd, Jamaica Plain
    Cristina Silva (857-269-7296,

    Dearborn 6-12 STEM Academy (6-12)
    36 Winthrop St, Roxbury
    Rosevelt Centeio (617-600-8855,

    Dever Elementary (K1-6)
    325 Mt Vernon St, Dorchester
    Monica Pomare (617-635-8694,

    Dudley Street Neighborhood School (K1-5)
    6 Shirley St, Roxbury
    Pam Bailiey (339-502-0019,

    East Boston Early Education Center (K0-1)
    135 Gove St, East Boston
    Carla Mendoza (617-635-6456,

    East Boston High School (7-12)
    86 White St, East Boston
    Nina Gaeta Coletta & Karla Torres-Welch (617-635-9896,

    Edison K-8 School (K1-8)
    60 Glenmont Rd, Brighton
    Maria Centeio (617-635-8436,

    Eliot K-8 Innovation School (K0*-8)
    16 Charter St, North End
    Michael Rubino (617-635-8545,

    Ellis Elementary (K1-6)
    302 Walnut Ave, Roxbury
    Mary Delgado (617-635-8257,

    Ellison/Parks Early Education School (K0-3)
    108 Babson St, Mattapan
    LaToya McGlothin (617-635-7680,

    English High School (7-12)
    144 McBride St, Jamaica Plain
    Caitlin Murphy (617-635-8979,

    Everett Elementary (K0*-6)
    71 Pleasant St, Dorchester
    Cara Egan (617-635-8779,

    Excel High School (9-12)
    95 G St, South Boston
    Jerleen John (617-635-9870,

    Fenway High School (9-12)
    67 Alleghany Street, Fenway
    Geidy Romero (351-218-9819,

    Frederick Pilot Middle School (6-8)
    270 Columbia Rd, Dorchester
    Mat Antoine (617-635-1650,

    Gardner Pilot Academy (K0*-8)
    30 Athol St, Allston
    Nicolasa Lopez (857-389-2120,

    Greater Egleston High School (9-12)
    80 School St, Roxbury
    Kevin Brill (617-635-6429,

    Greenwood Sarah K-8 School (K1-8)
    186 Glenway Street, Dorchester
    Grisselle Woodley (617-635-8710,

    Grew Elementary (K1-6)
    40 Gordon Ave, Hyde Park
    Uzuri Wilkerson (617-635-8715,

    Guild Elementary (K0*-6)
    195 Leyden St, East Boston
    Silvia Rodriguez (617-657-4523,

    Hale Elementary (K1-6)
    51 Cedar St, Roxbury
    Joshwa Hall (617-635-8205,

    Haley Pilot School (K0*-8)
    570 Amer Legion Hwy, Roslindale
    Kathleen Sullivan (617-635-8169,

    Harvard/Kent Elementary (K0*-6)
    50 Bunker Hill St, Charlestown
    Dariana Arteaga (617-635-8358,

    Haynes Early Education Center (K0-1)
    263 Blue Hill Ave, Roxbury
    Francisca Guevara (617-635-6446,

    Henderson K-12 Inclusion School Lower (K0-1)
    1669 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester
    Phyllis Leslie (617-635-6365,

    Henderson K-12 Inclusion School Upper (2-12)
    18 Croftland Ave, Dorchester
    Phyllis Leslie (617-635-6365,

    Hennigan K-8 School (K2-8)
    200 Heath St, Jamaica Plain
    Delourdes Joseph (617-635-8264,

    Hernandez K-8 (K1-8)
    61 School St, Roxbury
    Ana Contreras (617-635-8187,

    Higginson Inclusion K0-2 School (K0*-2)
    160 Harrishof Street, Roxbury
    Elsa Jimenez-Veras (617-635-8909,

    Higginson/Lewis K-8 (3-8)
    131 Walnut Ave, Roxbury
    Sharon White (617-704-2108,

    Holmes Elementary (K0*-6)
    40 School St, Dorchester
    Edverette Brewster (617-635-8681,

    Horace Mann School for the Deaf Hard of Hearing (K0-12)
    40 Armington St, Allston
    Michelle Eisan-Smith (617-635-8534,

    Hurley K-8 School (K0*-8)
    70 Worcester St, South End
    Mayte Contreras Caro (617-635-8489,

    Kennedy E.M Academy for Health Careers (11-12) (11-12)
    2 McLellan St, Boston
    Luz Myrna Molina (617-635-8450,

    Kennedy E.M Academy for Health Careers (9-10) (9-10)
    10 Fenwood Rd, Boston
    Luz Myrna Molina (617-635-8450,

    Kennedy John F Elementary (K0*-6)
    7 Bolster St, Jamaica Plain
    Christine Copeland (617-828-8596,

    Kennedy Patrick J. Elementary (K0*-6)
    343 Saratoga St, East Boston
    Mayra Correa (617-606-1194,

    Kenny Elementary (K0*-6)
    19 Oakton Ave, Dorchester
    Linda Mullen (617-635-8789,

    Kilmer K-8 School (K0*-3)
    35 Baker St, West Roxbury
    Joseph Foley (617-635-8060,

    Kilmer K-8 School (4-8)
    140 Russett Rd, West Roxbury
    Joseph Foley (617-635-8060,

    King K-8 School (K0*-8)
    77 Lawrence Ave, Dorchester
    Lionel Flores and Robert Blue (617-635-8212,

    Lee Academy (K0-3)
    25 Dunbar Avenue, Dorchester
    Keri Purple (617-635-8618,

    Lee K-8 School (K0*-8)
    155 Talbot Ave, Dorchester
    Richard Mitchell (617-905-1160,

    Lyndon K-8 School (K1-8)
    20 Mt Vernon St, West Roxbury
    Kathleen Tunney (617-635-6824,

    Lyon High School (9-12)
    95 Beechcroft St, Brighton
    Sherri Green (617-605-3904,

    Lyon K-8 School (K2-8)
    50 Beechcroft St, Brighton
    John Hynes (617-922-9208,

    Madison Park Technical Vocational High (9-12)
    75 Malcolm X Blvd, Roxbury
    Lizanna Guzman (617-635-8970,

    Manning Elementary (K0*-6)
    130 Louders Lane, Jamaica Plain
    Lori Clements (617-635-8102,

    Margarita Muniz Academy (9-12)
    20 Child St, Jamaica Plain
    Lili Gracia Talley (617-635-8198,

    Mario Umana Academy (K0*-8)
    312 Border St, East Boston
    Christina Michel (617-635-8481,

    Mason Elementary (K0-5)
    150 Norfolk Ave, Roxbury
    Maria Pontes (617-635-8405,

    Mather Elementary (K1-5)
    24 Parish St, Dorchester
    Lori Thames / Anthony Marshall (617-635-8757,

    Mattahunt Elementary School (K0*-6)
    123 Alabama St, Mattapan
    Kerry Pottinger (617-635-8792,

    McKay K-8 School (K1-8)
    122 Cottage St, East Boston
    David Ramos / Mayra Rivera (617-635-8510,

    McKinley Elementary (1-5)
    90 Warren Ave, Back Bay
    Cindie Neilson (617-635-9978, 

    McKinley Middle (6-8)
    50 St Mary St, Fenway
    Cindie Neilson (617-635-9853, 

    McKinley Prep High Sch (9-12)
    97 Peterborough St, Fenway
    Cindie Neilson (617-635-9907,

    McKinley So. End Acad (6-12)
    90 Warren Ave, Back Bay
    Cindie Neilson (617-635-9976, 

    Mendell Elementary (K0*-5)
    164 School St, Roxbury
    Julia Bott (617-784-4662,

    Mildred Avenue K-8 School (K1-8)
    5 Mildred Ave, Mattapan
    Jessica Senat (617-635-1642,

    Mission Hill K-8 School (K0-8)
    20 Child Street, Jamaica Plain
    Karen Bonilla (857-308-4223,

    Mozart Elementary (K0*-6)
    236 Beech St, Roslindale
    Trevor Perry (617-635-8082,

    Murphy K-8 School (K0*-8)
    1 Worrell St, Dorchester
    Truc Lai (617-635-8781,

    New Mission High School (7-12)
    655 Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park
    Lynette Blue-Skerritt (617-308-9699,

    Newcomers Academy (9-12)
    100 Maxwell St, Dorchester
    Lorenis Nova (617-651-1595,

    O'Bryant School of Math & Science (7-12)
    55 Malcolm X Blvd, Roxbury
    Yen C. Liu (617-635-9932,

    O'Donnell Elementary (K1-6)
    33 Trenton St, East Boston
    Emily Berman (617-635-8454,

    Ohrenberger School (3-8)
    175 W Boundary Rd, West Roxbury
    Johanna Pena (617-635-8157,

    Orchard Gardens K-8 School (K0*-8)
    906 Albany St, Roxbury
    Nikki Spivey (617-635-1655,

    Otis Elementary (K1-6)
    218 Marion St, East Boston
    Mara D Dos Santos (617-635-8372,

    Pauline A. Shaw Elementary (K0*-3)
    429 Norfolk St, Dorchester
    Ashley Davis (617-635-8777,

    Perkins Elementary (K0*-6)
    50 Rev Burke St, South Boston
    Heela Roshan (617-635-8601,

    Perry K-8 School (K0*-6)
    745 E Seventh St, South Boston
    Sasha Canzater (617-635-8840,

    Philbrick Elementary (K0*-6)
    40 Philbrick St, Roslindale
    Danladi Bobbitt (617-635-8069,

    Quincy Elementary (K0*-5)
    885 Washington St, Boston
    Rowena Tuttle (617-635-8497,

    Quincy Upper School (6-12)
    152 Arlington St, Boston
    Steve Cirasuolo & Richard Chang (617-635-8940,,

    Roosevelt K-8 School (2-8) (2-8)
    95 Needham Rd, Hyde Park
    Bannet Steele (617-635-8676,

    Roosevelt K-8 School (K1-1) (K0*-1)
    30 Millstone Rd, Hyde Park
    Joanne Ryan (617-635-8676,

    Russell Elementary (K0*-5)
    750 Columbia Rd, Dorchester
    Derrick Ciesla (401-635-8803,

    Snowden International High School (9-12)
    140 Clarendon St, Back Bay
    Raquel Martinez (617-635-9989,

    Sumner Elementary (K1-5)
    15 Basile St, Roslindale
    Erin O'Brien (781-572-7496,

    Taylor Elementary (K0*-6)
    1060 Morton St, Mattapan
    Jennifer L Marks (617-590-0335,

    TechBoston Academy 6-12 (6-12)
    9 Peacevale Rd, Dorchester
    Patrick Cleary (617-635-1615,

    Tobin K-8 School (K0*-8)
    40 Smith St, Roxbury
    Courtney Kinney (617-635-8393,

    Trotter K-8 School (K0*-8)
    135 Humboldt Ave, Dorchester
    Stacy Mark (781-718-5214,

    Tynan Elementary (K0*-6)
    650 E Fourth St, South Boston
    Amanda Ruiz (617-635-8641,

    UP Academy Boston (6-8)
    215 Dorchester St, South Boston
    Elise Cole (617-635-8819,

    UP Academy Dorchester (K1-8)
    35 Westville St, Dorchester
    Michaela Power (857-345-7770,

    UP Academy Holland (K1-5)
    85 Olney St, Dorchester
    Selina Ruiz (617-593-1865,

    Warren/Prescott K-8 School (K0*-8)
    50 School St, Charlestown
    LaTasha Hunter McCaskill (617-635-8346,

    West Zone Early Learning Center (K0-1)
    200 Heath St, Jamaica Plain
    Liraniz Colon (617-635-8275,

    William E Carter School (7-12)
    396 Northampton St, South End
    Mark O'Connor (617-635-9832,

    Winship Elementary (K0*-6)
    54 Dighton St, Brighton
    Milinda Andrade (617-635-8399,

    Winthrop Elementary (K1-6)
    35 Brookford St, Dorchester
    Nicole Marques (617-297-8770,

    Young Achievers K-8 School (K0-8)
    20 Outlook Rd, Mattapan
    Abby Rodriguez (617-784-6369,

    K0*: K0 is available in this school only for students with disabilities.